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Breaking down the latest research on Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition
Written By: Dr. Barry Sears, Ph. D | Creator of the Zone Diet

Written by Steven Jokely
on March 31, 2017


Winning California SuperLotto Plus ticket for $24 million dollars matches lot number on the bottom of Zone Advantage customer's OmegaRx 2 fish oil. The story seems unreal, but is apparently just one more reason to supplement with fish oil.


Last week, Dr. Sears’ Zone OmegaRx improved the life of April Fuelenhaus forever – to the tune of $24,000,000. April has been a Zone Advantage customer since 2003.


On March 25, 2017, April purchased a SuperLotto Plus ticket in their home state of California. She correctly selected all five winning numbers 10, 13, 17, 18, 20, as well as the Mega number 11. What made this pick so unique is that the winning number corresponded with the lot number on the bottom of her newest bottle of OmegaRx 2 fish oil. That’s why she picked those digits.

Zone prints the lot number of every batch of fish oil on the bottom of the bottle. This enables Zone customers to go online and view the Purity Report for their product. Zone tests every lot of fish oil and posts the reports online so that consumers know the concentration, purity and oxidation levels of the supplement they’re taking.


In this case, the Lot Number 101317182011 was on the bottom of the bottle. April played these numbers, and came up a winner. Plenty of Zone Living is on the horizon.


April has improved her lifestyle more than she ever could have imagined. The EPA and DHA in her fish oil will help her enjoy improved continued heart health and brain function. But the extra $9 million (in a one-time payment after taxes) will allow her and her husband to finally purchase the yacht of their dreams. They plan to name the vessel Omega Dreams.


April and her husband have become so attached to fish oil that they already have plans for a fishing trip in search of anchovies later this Spring. Until then, they continue to swear by Dr. Sears OmegaRx 2.


To find the Purity Report for your OmegaRx 2 fish oil:

  1. Find your lot number – Flip your OmegaRx bottle upside-down. The unique lot number is on the bottom. Feel free to also play this number of your local lotto.
  2. Go online – Visit zonediet.com/purity-reports to see all Zone Purity Reports.
  3. Scroll and click – Scroll to your product and click the text link with the same lot number as your bottle.

Congrats April, and we hope you continue living your life to the fullest, in the Zone.

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