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Written By: Dr. Barry Sears, Ph. D | Creator of the Zone Diet

Written by Dr. Sears' Zone
on May 12, 2015


Fabio Giacomini is a well-known Italian surfboard and paddleboard shaper and president of the Italian Sup and Surfing Federation (FISS). Stand-up paddle surfing  (SUP), (Hoe he'e nalu) is an offshoot of surfing.


Fabio has been shaping boards since 1980 and has dedicated his whole life to handcrafting surfboards.  He was most likely the first board-shaper in Italy. He initiated his board-shaping career with windsurfing boards and progressed to surfboards, kite boards and now SUP boards, always in search of performance perfection.  He has crafted boards for lux Italian brands, such as Gucci and Ferrari.


As carefully as he crafts his boards, he crafts his physical being.  Here is a short note he wrote to us.

Just thirteen years ago by chance came into my hands a book written by Dr. Barry Sears “The Zone.” After reading it, I found it very interesting the way he explained the process of preventing age disease and his different vision concerning the food we eat every day. Anyone of us, wrote Dr. Sears, can keep himself healthier, stronger and active for all his life, simply selecting the right food and eating it in the right percentage.


I decided then to try and see if I was feeling stronger and healthier as written in the book . Since that day I never left the Zone, and a few years ago I followed the Zone anti-aging program, which slows down the natural human aging process.


My goal is to be healthy, fit and competitive in the sporting field for the most time I can in my life. Now with the support of Zone Labs USA and its team led by Dr. Barry Sears, I will be able to boost my sporting performance in my 53-year-old body.


A particular thanks to Sue Knorr, ZoneHealth Coach, who gave me very good suggestions on how to improve my body energy. From now on she will follow my AA/EPA level and my blood sugar level, giving to my body the right supplement dosages to reach the best athletic condition. I say, “More Dr. Sears' OmegaRx in sports and less energy drinks.’’

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