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Breaking down the latest research on Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition
Written By: Dr. Barry Sears, Ph. D | Creator of the Zone Diet

Written by Dr. Barry Sears
on November 13, 2014


This is a pretty bold statement on my part, considering the primary treatment for obesity and diabetes, which has always been "eat less and exercise more." With Zone Pasta both are true.


Zone Pasta is the culmination of seven years of R&D to understand the secrets of better control of blood sugar levels with greater personal compliance. This can only be done with a food product that is more desirable and more convenient than people are already using in their current diet. I developed the Zone Diet more than 20 years ago to demonstrate that blood-sugar levels could be controlled for up to five hours with a precise balance of protein, low-glycemic-load carbohydrates and fats low in omega-6 fatty acids. My insights were confirmed by research at Harvard Medical School in 1999. In 2005 the dietary recommendations of the Joslin Diabetes Research Center at Harvard Medical School for treating obesity and diabetes were essentially those of the Zone Diet.


But even the best recommendations are often the victim of ingrained habits. Cries of "I want my pasta" or "it's too hard to follow" were common after The Zone was published in 1995. Rather than curse the darkness, it made more sense to me to solve the problem of compliance to the Zone Diet. The solution is Zone Pasta that allows you to potentially eat a new form of pasta all day long, is incredibly easy to prepare, but stops hunger for up to eight hours after a meal because of excellent blood sugar control. In addition, that improved blood-sugar control allows you to exercise at higher intensities. For the overweight and obese individual, Zone Pasta is "weight-loss" pasta. For the diabetic patient, it is a "medical miracle". And for the elite athlete, it is "performance pasta".


Making Zone Pasta to meet all of these criteria wasn't easy. That's why it is patented. But the sophistication of the food technology inherent in Zone Pasta also makes it easy to use, assuming you can boil water. Another secret of Zone Pasta is that you can't overcook it. In fact, the longer you cook it, the better the effects on blood-sugar control and physical performance. For foodies, who like their pasta al dente, the cooking instructions are perfect. For the less-perfect gourmet (like me), who likes pasta somewhat softer, the longer cooking provides the right taste, plus improved hunger control. The improved hunger control comes from the greater thermal crosslinking of the protein and carbohydrate in the pasta that provides its remarkable appetite-suppressing characteristics.


Making meals based on Zone Pasta is simple. It has to be, otherwise you wouldn't want to do it.


True beginners. Cook the Zone Pasta to your level of taste. Put the drained Zone Pasta in a bowl. Add a little extra-virgin olive oil and enjoy. Then look at your watch five hours later. If you aren't hungry, you know it's working.


Minimal skills required. This requires buying some pre-cut vegetables in cans or jars from the supermarket. This might include sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil, cut artichoke hearts, sliced olives, capers, and even some Parmesan cheese. Follow the steps for true beginners listed above, but before eating, add some of these Italian vegetables to the cooked Zone Pasta. If you want rice and beans, then add some cooked beans to the Zone Orzo. In either case, add a variety of spices to provide high levels of polyphenols to your meal. If you are really adventurous, add some prepared sauces (red sauce for the Zone Fusilli, and mole and/or enchilada sauce to Zone Orzo-based Mexican dishes).


Next Iron Chef contestant: Actually make roasted vegetables and add the cooked Zone Pasta with some extra-virgin olive to them. Also consider making you own sauces. If this seems too hard, then go back to using the Minimal Skills approach.

Because the Zone Pasta is doing all the work in controlling blood sugar, you don't have to be as strict with overall macronutrient balance as you would with a traditional Zone meal as long as you are adding non-starchy vegetables because their glycemic load is so low to begin with.


Each serving of Zone Pasta costs less than $2, yet it supplies all the high-quality protein you need at a meal. The protein in Zone Pasta is totally sustainable and most importantly, kids love it. Once you add Zone Pasta to any vegetables, you are guaranteed it will be eaten.


It will take you only one meal using Zone Pasta to understand why I think it can turn back the current epidemics of obesity and diabetes. You have to eat smart. Now Zone Pasta makes it easy to do so with gusto.

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