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Written By: Dr. Barry Sears, Ph. D | Creator of the Zone Diet

Written by Sue Knorr
on April 10, 2017


Freshen up your diet by with these new Zone snack recipes inspired by springtime: Cottage Cheese with Tomato & Guac, Smoked Salmon on Rye, and Blackberry and Shrimp Salad.


The start of a new season is a great time to freshen up your diet by adding some new snacks. This trio of healthy nibbles has everything you need to stay in the groove and feel great between meals. Each recipe includes brightly colored fruits and/or vegetables that provide just the right amount of Zone balance, plus a healthy dose of polyphenols. Enjoy!


Cottage Cheese with Tomato & Guac

Cottage Cheese with Tomato & GuacWhen I first started the Zone Diet over 20 years ago, I was not a vegetable lover. The list of veggies I’d eat was small, as were my portion sizes. Fortunately, my vegetable repertoire has grown immensely since those days. This substantial snack quickly became one of my favorites. The richness of the guacamole combined with the fresh tomatoes is sure to make it one of your favorites too.


A savory snack through and through. Fresh tomatoes add the right amount of acidity to balance with the rich, creaminess of the cottage cheese and guacamole.


Get the recipe for Cottage Cheese with Tomato & Guac.



Smoked Salmon on Rye

Smoked Salmon Rye

This yummy bite will have you saying goodbye to your cravings for a bagel and lox. Back in the day, one of my favorite meals was a bagel with smoked salmon. Substituting a rye Wasa cracker is a close second in my book. Since most of the carbs come from grain, save it for special occasions or to indulge once in a while. Tip: Look for wild caught smoked salmon.

An occasional indulgence, smoked salmon, cream cheese and fresh tomatoes piled high on a rye cracker are reminiscent of bagel and lox—but so much healthier.


Get the recipe for Smoked Salmon on Rye.



Blackberry and Shrimp Salad

Blackberry Shrimp Salad

Blackberry and Shrimp Salad A recipe card I picked up in the produce aisle a few years back inspired this refreshing salad. Keep your eye out; you never know where the next recipe idea is going to turn up. I substitute the lettuce in the original recipe with spinach and change up a few other ingredients to make it Zone-friendly. Containing both fruits and vegetables, it’s the perfect addition to your springtime menu. Tip: Add some Zone PastaRx on the side to make a meal.


As if blackberries and zesty lemon aren’t enough, add in juicy shrimp for the perfect trifecta of sweet, sour and salty.


Get the recipe for Blackberry and Shrimp Salad.


Happy eating!

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