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Breaking down the latest research on Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition
Written By: Dr. Barry Sears, Ph. D | Creator of the Zone Diet

Written by Sue Knorr
on June 09, 2015


It’s the close of a gorgeous Saturday afternoon in May. I’ve procrastinated writing this story because no two of my days are even remotely alike. How could I possibly describe my usual day in the Zone? Then it dawned on me today while walking on a wooded and long-abandoned rail trail. I’ll give a snapshot of one single day. The beauty of the Zone lies in its simplicity and how you can fit it to almost any day and any situation without losing a beat. My life and work doesn’t happen to follow a routine. All the more fun! But there has been a common thread running throughout it for the past 20 years. Each and every day I follow the Zone Diet, and I try to work in some exercise activity and relaxation time.


Last Monday was the beginning of a very busy week. After about 7-1/2 hours of restful sleep I started the day with a big glass of water and then a Chocolate Zone shake, fish oil, maqui and a quick 35-minute walk in the woods. It was one of those days when I didn’t see another soul for my entire time out there. Walking the trails alone, immersed in nature with my earbuds pounding out my favorite playlist always provides a great start to my day. Back at my office I grabbed half of a Cocoa Crisp Zone bar, another big glass of water and then spent the rest of the morning working with clients. I need a little more protein than the average woman in order to support my lean body mass at my activity level. A morning snack does the trick.


Around noon I had a quick lunch, a soup I put together containing Zone Orzo, lots of leftover vegetables, turkey, olive oil and a broth packet. I finished it off with a handful of blueberries and another big glass of water. I drink water all day long. Staying hydrated helps you keep burning fat with the Zone Diet. After lunch I fit in 20 minutes of upper-body strength training and balance exercises before getting back to work. I like to use an exercise app to track my types and amounts of activity over time.   People often think that the more they exercise, the more weight they’ll lose. That is a myth. Exercise plays a greater role in weight maintenance than it does in weight loss. At your ideal weight exercise becomes more important by keeping insulin levels lower, making it easier to maintain your weight.


Mid-afternoon I ate the other half of that Zone bar along with some macadamia nuts. Then at 3:30 I took a short drive to a 1-hour technology workshop I’d signed up for. Everyone who knows me also knows I love to keep up with the latest technology! Lucky for me, I’m in the Zone, and I don’t experience those late-afternoon slumps I hear my friends talking about.


After the workshop my day was just getting going. I had dinner around 5:30 pm, a traditional Zone meal. My fridge is always well stocked with the best-of-the-best Zone foods so it’s a snap to put a meal on the table in no time. On less hectic days I’ll cook extra veggies with dinner to have leftovers in the fridge for the following day. (For dinner suggestions go to the recipe section on zonediet.com.) Next I traveled a half hour to a craniosacral therapy (CST) body-work appointment. CST is a great way to de-stress and stay centered. I also practice yoga to stay strong and relaxed. This was not the end to my day though. There was still a 9 p.m. conference call to go, my weekly opportunity to touch base with my colleagues from all over the United States. With my Zone lifestyle, no sweat. I still had plenty of energy and focus to enjoy the fast-paced call and stay on task. I ended my day with an evening snack of plain yogurt with macadamia nuts while watching TV. Very refreshing and relaxing.


Happy Zoning, everyone!  

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