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Breaking down the latest research on Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition
Written By: Dr. Barry Sears, Ph. D | Creator of the Zone Diet

Written by Dr. Barry Sears
on April 13, 2015


Each year our annual Zone Cruise continues to evolve. This is due to both the constant new scientific breakthroughs in anti-inflammatory nutrition as well as our efforts to offer our attendees new insights into the practical applications of the Zone technology for their unique situations.


Our guest lecturers on this cruise were Zone consultant Dr. Daniela Morandi explaining the new generation of Zone Desserts that she has been developing in Italy (as well as tasting them at our nightly Zone Dinners) and Dr. Neil MacFarlane from the United Kingdom, who is the industry leader that made high-potency, high-purity fish oils possible.


Equally important was the introduction of our second generation of Zone Pasta meals at breakfast, lunch, and dinner for our attendees. This provided a unique floating focus group that gave an enthusiastic thumbs-up on the Zone Pasta offerings for both taste and appetite-suppression.


For me personally, it was an opportunity to see old friends as more than 60% of the attendees were returning not only to understand more about how Zone technology is changing their lives, but also renewing old friendships with other Zone Cruise attendees who share their same desires. This was best demonstrated by our packed Drop-In discussions in the afternoons in which virtually every question that could be asked was answered. Tough work on my part, but that is my overriding goal: To make sure no one leaves the Zone Cruise without their questions being totally answered.


Maybe the most intriguing experience for me was leaving the ship. I had purchased just enough jewelry for my wife that I had to visit the Customs Office to pay some duties. The chief officer recognized me from my passport, and he immediately started discussing with me not only his current AA/EPA ratio but also how much he liked The Mediterranean Zone. Did his interest get me any break on the custom duties? No, but it was nice to experience fifteen seconds of fame.


Next year we look to even greater enhancements (including Zone cooking demonstrations with our next generation of Zone Foods) for our annual Zone Cruise as we go the Panama Canal.    

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