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Written By: Dr. Barry Sears, Ph. D | Creator of the Zone Diet

Written by Denny Warren
on March 03, 2015


I’m retired, and I’ve never been more active. I play softball almost every day with a great bunch of guys. We are now known as Athletic Outlet/Travato, and we are based in Rochester, NY.   We discovered Zone Labs in 2007 and honestly can say that it gives us an edge over our competitors. (Zone Labs is now a sponsor of the team, and while I thought you should know, it doesn’t change anything about my story about the fish oil.)


We now compete in the over-60 group and have won many national championships, both in the National Senior Games (NSGA) and the Senior Softball United States of America (SSUSA).


I called Zone Labs looking for some help. We’d play great and then would run out of gas at the end of a tournament. The problem was we’d have guys not be able to throw it across the infield in a multi-game final.


We all suffered from the usual aches and pains of growing older and the added stress on the body from long days in the field. And then there was the recap of the games at the bar (home and away) with friends and competitors.


Mark Cutler on the sales team at Zone Labs talked to me about the benefits of fish oil and the specific properties of the OmegaRx product. I remember that we started with enough for four of our guys to start taking the fish oil. We had just finished second in a tournament in London, Ontario. We were true to form and didn’t have enough in the tank to bring home a win.

Wow, is all I can say about the difference on the field in the next tournament. We still finished second, but the guys who were taking OmegaRx had their best tournament ever. We played eight games in one day, and I was sure I had torn a quad and was still able to play behind the plate. There is no doubt in my mind that the Zone and the fish oil made it possible.


Since then we’ve increased the number of players on the fish oil and continue to see the difference in our performance. One of our guys who would usually fade on Sunday is now hitting around .750 on the final two days. One tournament that stands out is the Houston Senior Games against the best competition in the world. It was 97 degrees, and we played 11 games in 4 days. We were still playing our best on Sunday, thanks to Zone Labs.


We buy OmegaRx by the case now and can’t say enough about how much we rely on the performance edge.


Photo credit: Denny Warren, number 19, steps up to the plate.

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