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Zone Living

Breaking down the latest research on Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition
Written By: Dr. Barry Sears, Ph. D | Creator of the Zone Diet

Written by Sue Knorr
on January 06, 2022

What would you like to eat for the next few days? Out of ideas? Get inspired by cleaning out the refrigerator. It will make you feel better as well as free up space for fresh groceries. Just turn on some music, clear off the counter to make room for everything, and let the creativity flow.   

Fridge Refresh 

Begin by taking things out and checking for freshness. This is the time to look at expiration dates and discard anything that’s past its prime.

Let’s get rid of that big bowl of hard-boiled eggs you have in the corner with only one egg left in it.  

How about replacing it with a container filled with easy grab-and-go snacks like mini cups of hummus, individually wrapped low fat cheese rounds, and some of those single-serving packets of raw almonds like they have at Trader Joe’s? That would be great! 

Repurpose some of the leftovers, like that chunk of roasted corn on the cob from yesterday’s takeout, the one that you didn’t eat because you’re staying in the Zone. (Good for you by the way!) Don’t toss it so quickly. Instead, slice the kernels off the cob and stir some into the Zone-friendly canned chili you’re making for dinner tonight. It could also give some extra flavor to the chopped salad you’re serving on the side. Sounds delicious!

I’d put a big bowl of cooked Zone PastaRx Orzo in that empty corner where the casserole of roasted vegetables was. Try it as a comforting warmed cereal for breakfast with a little cinnamon and milk, and maybe some raw almond butter stirred in. If hot cereal isn’t for you, put a bowl of cooked Zone PastaRx Fusilli in there. The possibilities are endless for everything from a cold pasta salad to a hot bowl of minestrone with fusilli stirred in, or even a Zone friendly fusilli kugel made with cottage cheese. Keep thinking out of the box. You’re doing great! 

It’s too late for those greens on the next shelf. Greens always call to me as I walk through the produce aisle at the store, those fresh bright green leafy bunches. I can’t resist them, but I’ve watched many beautiful greens quickly become unappetizing in my vegetable bin. Washing and sorting them just takes so much time. I solved that by switching to the bagged, triple-washed greens. Here’s an idea. Boil some greens and then put them into the blender with a small amount of the cooking water and some roasted garlic. Add salt, pepper, a little finely grated Parmesan, and some olive oil. Toss with Zone PastaRx and serve it warm or cold.  

After a quick look into my fridge, a couple of ideas come to mind. I have a container of fat-free crumbled feta that needs to be used very soon. I think I’ll bake it with some cherry tomatoes and then toss it with cooked Zone PastaRx Fusilli, salt, pepper, fresh basil leaves, and extra-virgin olive oil. To deal with an overabundance of fresh vegetables try slicing eggplant, red pepper, and zucchini in to thin one-inch-wide strips. Fill a baking dish with very low-fat savory chicken sausages placed side-by-side in one layer. Push the vegetable strips in between the sausages and bake until hot and cooked through.  

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! I’ll bet that was easier than you thought. Now try it and see what you can produce.  


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