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Written By: Dr. Barry Sears, Ph. D | Creator of the Zone Diet

Written by Lynn Sears
on October 15, 2015


Sherlock Zone, the Zone Food Detective, examines Damon's Sports Bar and several of their ready-made salads.


“We’ll find a sports’ bar,” one of the buddies said.


“Sports' Bar! Sports' Bar! Sports' Bar! Sports' Bar!”


Sherlock, our intrepid food detective, has never once heard about any sports’ bar where a Zoner can find a good meal, but here they all were at Damon’s.


Damon’s motto is Great Food. Game Day and Every Day. A sports’ bar.


We’ll see about that, was the way he reacted, as he looked at the menu, which featured every imaginable type of breading and a myriad of unhealthy sauces.


In just about any restaurant, the salads will help a Zoner out. They are in short supply here but can help if diners work a bit. Of course, there are the usual: Cobb and Caesar. Add a piece of grilled chicken on top for the protein portion of the meal.


Two ready-made salads are:


Southwestern Salad on greens with red peppers, corn salsa, scallions, tomatoes, Jack and cheddar cheeses with ranch dressing and tortilla chips. Don’t get the salsa or chips.


Caramel-glazed Salmon Salad needs some work. It is topped with a caramel and walnut sauce. Why? Have the salmon plain.

Get the carbs up by ordering the chili or a vegetable medley from the sides.


Under the entrees the salmon is covered in the same dreadful caramel sauce. Just have it served plain with maybe a little olive oil. The chicken is smothered with barbecue sauce, but there is also garlic herb chicken brushed with garlic-herb butter. Go easy on the butter. Refuse the rice for both and ask for extra vegetables.


So that’s about it. It was hard, but our Sherlock was able to keep his buddies in the Zone as they whooped it up for “the Big game!”

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