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Breaking down the latest research on Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition
Written By: Dr. Barry Sears, Ph. D | Creator of the Zone Diet

Written by Dave Schreck
on December 08, 2015


Long-time Zone staffer, Dave Schrek, walked into the back room of the Zone warehouse. In the corner were dusty pallets stamped “To Be Reviewed by Dr. Sears.” What happened next will take you back.


I walked into the dark back room of our former warehouse and flipped on the lights illuminating rows of empty industrial shelving. Over in the corner were a few dusty pallets stamped “To Be Reviewed by Dr. Sears.”


Wiping off the dust from an old Staples Bankers Box, I removed the cover and began my journey into the past when I met Dr. Sears in 1987. On top was a yellowed sports magazine (circa 1990) opened to an ad that said “BURN FAT FASTER.” As I stood there reading the article, I noticed a large BIO/SYN Nutrition Bar poster against the wall: The ad copy said:


Stop Storing Fat: Use the Right Stuff

You work out regularly. You eat healthy meals. But you still don’t look or feel right even following a weight-control program. You might not think it possible for your body to store excess fat, but it is if complex carbohydrates (grains, rice, pasta, potatoes) are your diet’s mainstay. You should know about the BIO/SYN Nutritional Bar. The bar triggers the correct biochemical response to mobilize fat as a virtually unlimited source of energy for the athlete.


THE PROBLEM – The primary fuel for an athlete is fat, not carbohydrate. All athletes, including world-class competitors, have 20 to 40 times more energy stored as fat than as carbohydrate. High-carbohydrate diets block access to stored body fat for energy. As a result overall performance suffers.


THE SOLUTION – The BIO/SYN Nutrition Bar is a bioengineered balance of protein and carbohydrate coupled with specific vitamins and minerals (vitamins C, E, and B6). Once you set the correct metabolic balance with the BIO/SYN Nutrition Bar, you can train smart by mobilizing your own body fat to maximize performance.


We all know that elite athletes have great genes, great desire, great coaching and they also need a great anti-inflammatory diet. Why? Because they live in a world of constant inflammation induced by their diet and constant training. And if they live in a state of constant inflammation, they will not reach their full potential.


That was the beginning of the first balanced food-block bar with high-quality proteins, carbohydrates, and fat. Most nutrition bars are glorified candy bars fortified with vitamins and minerals with little quality protein. And most people (not you) have no idea of the importance of balance. Based on science, Dr. Sears was the first to create a balanced nutrition bar based on a combination of high-quality proteins, carbs and fat. The year was 1989.


One of the great myths of nutrition is that we require large amounts of carbohydrates to improve our health. In reality, we must maintain constant blood sugars. These biochemical facts are the driving force behind the Zone Diet and Zone Labs’ products, including the new Zone PastaRx.


“I know what you’re saying. Sounds impressive, but I’m not an athlete. In fact, I don’t even work out,” you might say.

Interestingly, the hormonal changes an elite athlete is trying to achieve are exactly the same changes individuals need to make if they would like to lose body fat and reduce the risk factors associated with chronic conditions, i.e., heart disease, cancer, arthritis, and dementia. That is achieved by controlling insulin in a Zone with the diet to reduce cellular inflammation. Now, please go back and replace “athlete” with the word “you” in the above ad.


It’s been more than 25 years since the Zone came on the scene. What’s changed? Not much. Dr. Sears’ concept of balancing proteins and non-starchy vegetables remains the same. Through much of our evolution, we have been exposed to only two food groups, low-fat protein and fruits and vegetables. This is what we were genetically designed to eat. 10,000 years ago there were no grains on the planet, and when they were introduced, three things happened:

  • People shrank in size from lack of adequate protein.
  • Arthritis, first appeared.
  • Obesity became prevalent.

Dr. Sears and Zone Labs are experts in anti-inflammatory nutrition. Why? We help you receive adequate levels of ultra-pure omega 3s based on the AA/EPA test to control inflammation and offer products that make it easy to follow a diet that reduces cellular inflammation, the root cause of most chronic conditions.


As I remember that dusty box on the warehouse floor, I am aware how Dr. Sears and the Zone have influenced my health. How fortunate was I to have met Barry through a mutual friend in the late ‘80s and then work for him since 1995, the year his NY Times bestselling book “The Zone” was published.


Fortunately, you don’t have to work with Dr. Sears to improve your life because you can change your future health for the better within 30 days when you follow the basic Zone guidelines posted at www.zonediet.com/the-zone-diet/ or click on the Zone Diet tab.

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